About Graphic Faith

Graphic Faith is designed for a visual encounter with Jesus and the Christian Faith. Exploring who Jesus is and what he’s done is the primary purpose. It also provides training resources so Christians can explain the Gospel personally, and not have to rely on this (or another) website.

I created this site to enable widespread use of simple explanations of Christian Faith. I want people to be able to understand what a relationship with Jesus is, and access the ideas by themselves wherever they live. I want Christians to be able to explain their faith to their own friends without relying on ‘experts’ by using succinct, jargon-free diagrams and illustrations.

About Karen Morris

I became a Christian in Year 12, and my life was totally changed! I knew that God had changed me and reasoned that God could do the same for others.

Since then, I’ve spent all my time explaining faith in Jesus to people. At University some friends became Christians and I decided that telling people about Jesus was what I wanted to do with my life! And so I have! As I developed ways of explaining ideas I realised that I was very visual, and so were many others. Therefore, many of my explanations of Christian concepts became diagrams, illustrations or occasionally mathematical equations.

I have worked in Christian ministry almost all my adult life, much of it on University campuses. I love explaining what Jesus has done in the clearest, simplest way possible so that enquirers can make an informed decision about becoming a Christian. I really enjoy enthusing and enabling others to share their faith and will happily do that for 1 person or 100. To request a speaking engagement check out sample sessions here.