The Whole Bible

Each of the videos on the Exploring Faith page were originally hand drawn diagrams I use to explain Christian ideas to enquirers. This section aims to teach people to draw these diagrams themselves. This will enable you to explain the gospel wherever you are, and in your own words.

How can Jesus save people before he was born?

This video shows the background structure of “The Whole Bible’. The main premise is that the Bible is God revealing himself to humanity over time. Jesus is God revealing himself to humanity in the flesh.

Use this video to learn to draw it for yourself.


If an enquirer asks about the Old Testament there seem to be two common responses. 1. ‘Just ignore it till later’ or 2. An explanation that implies before Jesus you could be saved by obeying the law. Neither answer is adequate. We need to communicate that the Bible is one story, written by many different authors, over millennia.

I once heard a speaker ask the crowd to turn to the page between the Old Testament and New Testament and tear it out of their bible. It made the point: it’s one book, not two and therefore we need to understand and read it that way.

Of course, that means a lot of reading and digesting to grab the connections. And so, this explanation tries to draw the linkages between the two sections by showing the connections visually.

These connections (and many more) are explained in the Book of Hebrews. The author shows how Jesus is the priest, the prophet, the temple, and more.

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